A moraga in Marbella: the best party on a beach you can have!

Forget about the new wave of exclusive beach clubs for fun times, beachside, on the Costa del Sol this summer. The best atmosphere is to be found at a ‘moraga’: a traditional Andalusian night time barbeque. Typical to Málaga province and the surrounding region, these twilight parties are a magical way to enjoy the beach at a different time of day along with delicious charcoal grilled food.

A moraga is particularly identified by the cooking methods involved in the festivities, as they take place on large colourful containers that are set on beaches in this part of Spain. These huge open air grills are often created from old fishing boats or metal skips that are filled with sand and then covered in coals. Food is cooked ‘espeto’ (on a stick), with sardines heading the menu, accompanied by marinated choices of other fish, meat and vegetables.


Reportedly with origins dating back to the nineteenth century, the moragas evolved from simple fishing expeditions where the catch, at the end of the day, would be cooked on a small wood fire by the sea. The meal would be enjoyed by the casual fishermen, their friends and families, and afterwards followed by guitars, singing and dancing.

In modern day Marbella the moragas remain just as enjoyable, but don’t involve as much fishing! People hire the large community BBQs via their local councils and organise their own food, tables and chairs, to create a special dining area by the water and under the night stars. The atmosphere created is convivial, relaxed and fun.


These self sufficient party goers bring along their own music and evening entertainment, spending a night that lasts from sundown to well past midnight—which is both exciting and serene at the same time.

If you take an evening stroll along one of the beautiful seafront paseos along this part of the Spanish coast, you will see families and parties enjoying moragas on most nights during the long balmy summers. The smell of sardines roasting over burning coals is always aromatic and enticing, along with the sound of music and laughter.


That is what the Residencia Estates team did the last weekend of July! Yes, it took quite a bit of organization and bringing everything to the beach from food, drink, tents to tables and chairs is like a small moving operation, but once settled and with the fire burning, the taste of sardines has never been that good anywhere else!

If you are a tourist visiting Marbella, or a resident without the time to arrange a private moraga, the same atmosphere, tastes and sounds can be found at the many chiringuitos in and around town. These uniquely Spanish beachfront restaurants routinely have a colourful wooden boat grill attached to one side, with neat rows of sardines on sticks cooking over hot red charcoal embers.

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