Learn how to prepare your favourite cuisine in Marbella

Marbella is associated with many enjoyable things in life, from its beautiful scenery and fascinating culture to first class amenities and colourful nightlife. At the heart of these pleasures in life are food and drink, surely two of the most essential commodities to living a blissful and contented life.

The coastal town and its surrounding region on the Costa del Sol are a haven for foodies, hosting many great eating establishments and a cuisine that is both healthy and delicious. This area of Spain is perfect for producing the best fresh produce from the fertile land and the Mediterranean Sea, so it’s no surprise that chefs want to work here and that food is high on many people’s agendas.

Today, fans of all things gastronomic can attend a wide variety of interesting courses in Marbella that teach healthy eating, new cooking skills and/or wine appreciation and cocktail making! So, whether you are interested in how to prepare authentic tapas or want to be the best cocktail maker within your group of friends, there will be a class for you.

Here are two to get you started:

Andalusian Cuisine from Spain Food Sherpas

Founded in Málaga in 2013, this team of food and travel lovers also happily brings its expertise and joyous culinary classes to Marbella. Spain Food Sherpas is passionate about the gastronomy of Spain and the region of Andalucía, and provides courses presented by expert local chefs that include specialist wine and olive oil tasting.

In addition to its tapas and paella classes, the company also conducts food tours of Málaga and Granada, and caters for vegetarians, people intolerant to dairy and gluten, and those who don’t consume alcohol.

More information: www.spainfoodsherpas.com

Healthy Eating

A very relevant modern day food course is offered by Food Room, a fantastic cooking and tasting school based in Guadalmina close to Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. Presented by expert nutritionist Maria Paula Maggiora, the classes provide background knowledge on how to achieve a healthy diet using great produce and maintaing good health throughout life while enjoying food.

Available in both Spanish and English, the training sessions are held for both local residents and visitors to the Costa del Sol who are interested in the gastronomy of the area. And the have great courses for kids too!

Course details:

Day 1 – Awareness & Getting to know food better

Day 2 – Do we know what we eat? & The assembly of a basic menu, ‘let your food be your medicine”

Costs and timings are dependent on group sizes.

More info: www.foodroom.es

And for the best wines, visit Casa Santi in Marbella. With a surface area of over 300m, it offers around 3500 brands of wines and liqueurs, a professional consultation service to help with your selection and a free home delivery service.

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More information: Vinos Casa Santi