Playing rugby in Marbella

In an area known for its excellent sports facilities and outdoor conditions, Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club is a sports community that promotes the practice of rugby in and around Marbella along while keeping the values ​​of loyalty, respect, effort and teamwork associated with the sport at the forefront.

Located just opposite Marbella General Hospital Costa del Sol on Calle de los Cipreses, the club welcomes players of all ages, races, languages and sexes, from four years old and in school to veterans of 60+ years – all are welcome.

Founded in 1989, Marbella Rugby Club celebrates its 30th birthday this year as a club that places special emphasis on its community. The rugby club features a score of teams and more than 350 federated players, divided into three sections. In the Senior category there are three teams. The first one plays in the División de Honor B and is the only sports team in the city of Marbella that competes in the national category. Marbella B and the subsidiary team do their thing in the Segunda Regional Andaluza, competing against teams from Málaga, Gibraltar, Sotogrande and elsewhere.

The Academy has a total of five teams that compete in three categories: Sub18, Sub16 and Sub14.

La Escuelita, which brings together the largest number of players, has ten teams in the categories Sub12, Sub10, Sub 8 and Sub 6 (10 teams in total).

As a training club, Marbella’s quality is recognised as among the best in Spain, with seven players trained here making it to international level with the Spanish team in both the Rugby XV and Rugby seven.

The main Spanish clubs have players trained locally at the club, as well as some teams from European countries with greater development in this sport, such as England, Wales or France.

Marbella Rugby Club is taking 30+ players on tour in Morocco this month while their next goal is to elevate the first team to the elite standards in order to ensure that players trained at the club are not forced to emigrate if they wish to play at the highest levels of the game.

Matches are played at 13:00hrs on Sundays from September to April.

Visit or contact Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club:

Calle de los Cipreses, s/n, 29603 Marbella, Málaga

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