Project management

no project is too big or small for us

Peace of mind

Building or reforming your own home in Spain is your dream…but it could turn into a nightmare…without professional project management.

The mañana mentality is charming part of the culture here, but not when it comes to your project. You want people you can trust and that will deliver what they say they will, on time.

Of course you want your dream house to be built by professionals. But if you’re not fluent in Spanish and have never built a house here before, it is easy to get lost when looking for an outstanding architect and a building company that delivers to your standards.

Why Residencia Estates?
We will guide you through the whole process, from finding the right plot with the necessary licenses to even as far as the housewarming party if you so wish. We have completed various projects over the past years, and below you can see some pictures of our most recent ones. Over the years we have formed a group of professional partners in the construction industry, so if you have a project, be it off plan or to reform, here is where you start. No project is too big or too small for us.