Residencia Comfort Services

Residencia Comfort Services is responsible for taking care of all those things that need doing but are difficult to arrange if you don’t live here, don’t speak Spanish or simply just want to enjoy your time when you are here. Anyone who owns a property in the Marbella region can contact us to manage house maintenance, cleaning, security and a host of other tailor-made services.

Residencia Comfort Services would like for you to really enjoy your stay in Marbella, instead of cleaning your apartment when you arrive or find your property full of pests. Also, we like you to feel assured that when you are not here to use your property, you know it is looked after the best possible way. Besides our regular visits, we will check your apartment after heavy rainfall or severe power shortcuts etc. which saves you a lot of hassle and unpleasant surprises when you arrive. A detailed report will be sent to you in case there are any irregularities, providing information about any damage or maintenance work required.

Holiday rentals. We also assist in holiday rentals. Please contact us for more information.