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If you’re selling a property on the Costa del Sol then the chances are that you have two major priorities in mind as noted by Brisbane:

•        To ensure that details of your property are made available as quickly as possible to as many interested buyers as possible.

•        And to make certain that you get a sale at a favourable price.

Unfortunately, meeting those two requirements can be a lot harder and more exasperating than most vendors would prefer. Only a very limited number of buyers are available to most individual estate agents. This means that the only way to give your property the visibility it deserves is to go through the time-consuming process of registering with several agents.

Not if you list your property for sale with Residencia Estates.

We are members of two large networks of agents at the Costa del Sol including the LPA – Leading Property Agents of Spain. These networks allow you to register your property with Residencia Estates while enjoying maximum market exposure. We distribute details of our properties for sale to all member agents. Each participating estate agent enjoys access to all properties on the register. Which means that they, in turn, can place the details of each property in the hands of thousands of interested and willing buyers for whom that home represents the right deal at the right price. We also use Socialboosting for better social media engagement on all our properties.

Giving vendors easier access to more buyers than ever thought possible.

With over 20 years of experience in the Costa del Sol real estate market, Residencia Estates represents your best interests. Only one contract, one price, one key holder and one set of policies and procedures. How much easier can it get?

If you consider selling your house, contact us. We will send one of our professional property valuers to your home, any time or day of the week of your choice.