How about a stroll along our ‘senda litoral’?

There are so many great opportunities to hike the hills of the Costa del Sol. Now walkers are delighted to know that they can enjoy uninterrupted paths along the coast as well, thanks to the Senda Litoral de Málaga (Málaga Coastal Path).

This government-sponsored project is intended to deliver a beautiful stretch of 180 kilometres of pathways following the entire Málaga province coast, from Manilva to Nerja. Set off at its official starting point at the iconic Balcon de Europa in Nerja, finishing at Castillo de la Duquesa in Manilva, or pick it up anywhere along the way if 180 kilometres is just too much!

The project links all the existing seafront town promenades together, adding new paved and boardwalk paths between them. For several years now, every newly-built beachfront development has had to contribute a section of beachside path, including boardwalks traversing more delicate terrain.

By summer 2017 the Senda Litoral was already 80% completed, with the final planned completion date due for 2021. The delay is largely due to the environmental and legal challenges of building sections of path at the Guadalhorce river estuary in Málaga and the Dunas de Artola in Marbella, whole urbanisations built very close to the beach also slow down progress.

The Senda Litoral, already referenced GR92, has a multi-lingual website detailing everything about the project, including a map showing the latest progress (green: path complete; orange: easy walk through port; blue: walk the beach; red: divert to link with the next section) and information on things you can see and do along the way.

The latest news from Sur in English confirms that the Senda Litoral seems to be advancing faster in Estepona than in other areas. Of the town’s 22 kilometres of coastline, 17 kilometres already incorporate the path, the latest stretch having been inaugurated just before Christmas.

Needless to say, the walkway will attract an increased flow of visitors to the Costa del Sol, who will stop off at any of its 128 beaches and 11 leisure marinas to be found along the way.

Once complete, you’ll be able to walk along uninterrupted pathways with certain sections open to cyclists too, but be aware of the rules. Each section has its own: In Estepona, cyclists are completely banned from the path; in Mijas Costa, they are not allowed at weekends; and in Marbella, they can use the path but must keep to a 10km/h speed limit, giving way to pedestrians, so be careful, mindful of the rules – and enjoy!